Made in the USA  ?

For Benjamin and Crosman airguns.

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+  Best design for eliminating ALL of the ping sound.

+  No loss in power.

+  Small size takes up less air space inside the air reservoir.

+  No more annoying ping or ringing sound when shooting your airgun.

+  CNC machined from a solid piece of durable 6061-T6 aluminum, then anodized.

+  Built to last forever.

+  Won’t deform or break into pieces like plastic depingers do.

+  Easy to follow installation instructions are included.

+                                                        +


For your Benjamin Marauder or Benjamin Armada Rifle 

Tired of hearing that ringing sound every time you shoot your air Rifle   🙁


Actual customer response;
” the depinger does its job! the ping never bothered me and I didn’t ever care to get rid of it. now that it feels like a solid gun, i love it! it’s hard to explain ”



+                                                        +


hill airgun  depinger for your Crosman/Benjamin, Discovery rifle, Marauder Pistol, Woods Walker pistol,

Maximus rifle, 1720T pistol, 1701P pistol, – the Smaller diameter air tubes.


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AEA depinger:  Visit the hill airgun  “AEA section”.


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