Made in the USA  🙂


Pistol and Some Rifles:  hill airgun High Volume Gauge Port  for Benjamin Marauder Pistol, Benjamin Woods Walker Pistol, Crosman 1720T Pistol, Crosman 1701P Pistol, Benjamin Discovery Rifle and Benjamin Maximus Rifle.


+  Precision made from a solid piece of durable 7075 aluminum, using CNC machinery. 

+  Anodized blue to prevent corrosion.

+  Replaces the factory gauge port.

+  The internal volume is much larger than a stock gauge port, which allows for more air space inside the pressure tube.

+  Allows for a larger plenum and more power in regulated applications – better efficiency.

+  Seals with the supplied o-ring installed between the airguns gauge and the hill airgun gauge port. No thread sealer to have to deal with and no worries about the threads leaking air 🙂

Recommend replacing the gauge along with the hill airgun gauge port. Otherwise your gauge must have a flat surface where the gauge connects to the gauge port.

+                            +

Gauge for PCP airguns, fill stations, compressors, etc..

1″ dial.

0 – 4000 psi range.

+ or – 5% accurate.

1/8″ NPT.

Note:  The gauge must be installed using a 15/16″ socket or a 15/16″ boxed end wrench (full coverage of the gauge). Do not use a 2 sided wrench or pliers as this will twist and damage the gauge.

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