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For AEA Challenger series in .22, 25, .30 and .35 calibers

-and some other AEA airguns.

Fits AEA airguns with an air reservoir tube measuring at or near to 1.416″ O.D (35.98mm O.D.)


Tired of hearing that ringing sound every time you shoot your AEA air Rifle   🙁

+  Best design for eliminating ALL of the ping sound.

+  Small size takes up less air space inside the air reservoir.

+  CNC machined from a solid piece of durable 6061-T6 aluminum, then anodized.

+  Built to last forever.

+  No loss in power.

+  Won’t deform or break into pieces like plastic depingers do.


Easy to install:

Make sure your AEA airgun is not loaded. Degas your airgun. Remove the air reservoir tube. Install the hill airgun AEA depinger into the air reservoir tube just past the threads (see the above picture). Do not push the depinger far into the tube. *The o-ring end of the hill airgun depinger goes toward the gauge end of your airgun. Reassemble your airgun. Cock your airgun before filling with air.


Includes: 1- hill airgun depinger for AEA airguns and shipping.

+                    +


hill airgun – Custom Made Hammer for AEA Challenger Series air rifles.

Only One Available.

+  One of a kind prototype hammer.

+  Weights approximately 80 grams or 2.8 ounces. A stock hammer weights around 125 grams.

+  Custom made from solid bronze to allow for a super smooth cocking action and easier movement.

+  Lighter in weight than the stock hammer.

+  Ventilated for easier and faster hammer movement.

+  Great choice for regulated rifles.

+  Will work in unregulated rifles, when a less than max power tune is desired.

+  Also includes several hill airgun hammer springs so you can find the perfect tune to meet your goal.


*Works in AEA airguns that use the same hammer design found in the Challenger Series Rifles.


Includes 1- each of the following: hill airgun custom hammer for AEA Challenger rifles, hill airgun 13.1, 15.7, 18.33, 278 hammer springs, and shipping.

+                     +


hill airgun hammer 15.7 spring for regulated AEA Challenger Series air rifles.

+ For a lot more shots per fill and a quieter shooting airgun.

Works with the regulator set between 1200 – 2200 psi. Depending on the caliber.


*Will work in the unregulated AEA Challenger rifles for a lower powered tune, if you fill to around 2300 psi. See the above picture for an example with a .30 caliber rifle.


Includes: 1- hill airgun 15.7 hammer spring for regulated AEA Challenger Series air rifles and shipping.

+                  +


hill airgun Comfort Grip

For AEA Challenger Air Rifles.  

Allows for a more comfortable cocking effort.


Includes: 1- hill airgun – AEA Challenger air rifle comfort grip and shipping.

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