hill airgun Moderator for Benjamin Marauder air pistols BP2220, Benjamin Woods Walker air pistols BP2220-AP or Crosman 1720T air pistols

+  For .177 or .22 calibers.


+  When using a standard fill hose, you can air up the air pistol without having to remove the moderator.

+  Accuracy.

+  Quiet Shooting.

+  Best Quality.


Two to choose from:

+  The hill airgun 8 air pistol moderators weight = 5.5 ounces. The air pistol will be 9-5/16″ longer

+  The hill airgun 5.5 air pistol moderators weight = 2.3 ounces.  The air pistol will be 5-11/16″ longer.


Mounts directly to your air pistol. No need to spend extra money on an adapter.


Easy to install:

Remove your air pistols shroud end cap.

Thread on the hill airgun air pistol moderator.

Start shooting  🙂


For questions, click on “Contact Tim”.

Thanks for your business

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