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Your Marauder Rifle in need of a freshen up? While you are at it, how about installing a hill airgun kit?


+  No need to go through the hassle of sending your rifle off to a tuner.

+  Save money on labor and shipping charges by installing the parts yourself.

+  Also get the personal satisfaction of a job well done  🙂


The parts are already precision machined and are matched up to get excellent results.

No drilling or machining is necessary.


Excellent Value


+  Accuracy.

+  High shot count.

+  Easy to adjust the power.

+  Budget friendly.


Have more fun:  Spend less time and money pumping up your air rifle and more time shooting.


*No negative regulator or o-ring buffer mod issues to have to deal with.


Great for quiet backyard plinking, pest elimination, small game hunting, target shooting, etc..


Click on the images for examples using only a 2400 psi fill pressure and for a higher power tune using a 3002 psi fill pressure.


Easy to follow installation instructions are included and technical assistance is available at no extra charge. When installing your hill airgun kit, if you have any questions, just click on “Contact Tim” to send me a message.


For more power choose the HP Matched Parts Kit with the hill airgun 15.7 hammer spring.

*With this kit, you will reuse the factory valve body. Good for up to about 22 fpe, depending on the pellet weight. If you want more power, check out the hill airgun Performance Matched Parts Kit, which includes the higher powered hill airgun valve assembly.


+ For coating the rubber o-rings, click on the drop down menu to add hill airgun silicone fluid to your order.
+ To keep the airgun from making the metal sound that happens when the factory metal striker hits the metal valve stem and to remove 5 grams of total weight from the hammer, add a hill airgun PEEK striker to your order.
+ Add a handheld debur tool to remove the sharp edge from the inside of the gauge opening in the air tube. This will prevent the o-rings from being cut during installation of the new parts.


All airguns need to be serviced from time to time and the Benjamin design makes it easy for you to service it yourself.


Package includes:  1- hill airgun hammer, 1- hill airgun PEEK striker, 1- hill airgun valve cap, 1- hill airgun 65 valve spring, 1- hill airgun 12.5 hammer spring, 1- hill airgun 161 transfer port, 2- transfer port gaskets, 1- hill airgun dry lube and brush, 4- o-rings, installation instructions and shipping.

*Now also includes a 1/4″ hex wrench, so you can easily adjust your rifle’s power output.



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