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hill airgun  5.5  Moderator for your Marauder Pistol, Woods Walker, or Crosman 1720T Air Pistol


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+  Installs directly onto your air Pistols factory shroud.  No need to spend extra money on an adapter, and no worries about adapter related problems like inaccuracies due to misalignment and no need to add the unnecessary extra length and weight to your airgun.

+  The body and end caps are precision made of aluminum and are anodized.

+  The end caps are threaded, for easy removal.

+  The 6- baffles and 1- spring are removable.

+  Size is:  5.5″ long x 7/8″ outside diameter.

+  Only weights 2.3 ounces.

+  The pistol can be refilled easily, no need to remove the moderator.


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Easy to install:  Remove your air pistols shroud end cap, then thread on the hill airgun 5.5 airgun moderator.





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For airguns only


Package includes:  1- hill airgun 5.5 moderator Pistol, paypal fees, and free fast shipping within the USA


You can refill your Pistol without needing to remove the moderator.


Price: $119.98