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Your choice of shroud tube to build your own custom shroud


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For a quieter airgun.


Shroud tubes for your custom project

+  Precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum.

+  Anodized finish AFTER the machining process. Inside, Outside, and the threads are anodized too.

+  The protective finish looks great and will not flake off.

+  Threaded on both ends, with a recess before the threads, for the best alignment at the breech and at the shroud cap.

The hill airgun baffles and spring fit inside. Click on the drop down menu to add baffles and a spring to your order. The baffles work with up to .25 calibers.


Available tube lengths:  7″, 17-7/8″, 18-1/8″, 19-7/8″ and 27-7/8″  long shroud tubes.


*Shroud tubes are not made to order.


Best Quality

For airgun use only

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Shroud mount kits

+  Your choice of shroud mount kit for 7/16″ or 1/2″ diameter airgun barrels on Benjamin, Crosman and other airguns.

+  For mounting a hill airgun shroud tube onto your airguns barrel. 

+  You may need to file down a small flat spot on the barrel for the mounts set screw to clear the shroud tube properly.

 Barrel height; make sure you have enough clearence between the tube and the airgun / pressure tube, for the shroud and kit to fit properly.  

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hill airgun 6 moderator for airguns

This moderator fits hill airgun shroud tubes or Marauder tubes.