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Matched Parts Kit for Regulating Your Rifle


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For your 177, .22, or .25 Caliber Benjamin Marauder Rifle,  Armada Rifle or *Field and Target Rifle


Just add your favorite regulator (regulator purchased elsewhere).

Get the most out of your air rifle.

For lots of shots per fill with a low spread in pellet velocity. Better consistency, for the best accuracy.  

For a quieter shooting, and more refined airgun. 

+  No need to go through the hassle of sending your rifle off to a tuner.
+  Save money on labor and shipping charges by installing the parts yourself.
+  Also get the personal satisfaction of a job well done   🙂


You can set the tune for the power level and shot count you prefer. For example; in .25 caliber and using a 3000 psi fill pressure, shoot 25.39 grain pellets at over 900 fps for about 24 shots (more power uses up the air supply faster), or shoot the 25.39 grain pellets at around 775 fps for around 65 shots (very quiet shooting tune), or tune for something in the middle (compromise between power and shot count).  40+ shots at around 842 feet per second with 25.39 grain pellets is a very popular tune.
Excellent choice for pellet Or slug shooters.


Includes easy to follow installation instructions and free technical assistance.  When installing your hill kit, if you have any questions just click on “Contact Tim” to send me a message.
+  Includes a drill bit to open up the air inlet port in your rifle’s barrel -only (.22 and .25 caliber). No need to open up the breech.
For .177 caliber Rifles,  no drilling is necessary with the .177 kit.  No need to open up the barrels air inlet port any larger, leave the port the stock size, which is large enough.  *The .177 kit is also an excellent choice for lower powered .22 caliber and .25 caliber rifles. Great for backyard shooters, pest control or for anyone that does not necessarily need higher power from their .22 or .25 rifle.  You will get a lot of shots per fill and will  fill the rifles air reservoir less often. Very quite shooting too.
Best Quality  –  Best Performance  
*Excellent kit for Factory Regulated Rifles. You can reuse your rifle’s factory regulator.
+ For coating the rubber o-rings, click on the drop down menu to add hill airgun silicone fluid to your order.
+ To keep the airgun from making the metal sound that happens when the factory metal striker hits the metal valve stem and to remove 5 grams of total weight from the hammer, add a hill airgun PEEK striker to your order.
+ Add a handheld debur tool to remove the sharp edge from the inside of the gauge opening in the air tube. This will prevent the o-rings from being cut during installation of the new parts.
*For gen 1 air rifles (model number includes 63)  The hill 262 hammer spring has a .350 inside diameter and is compatible with hammer spring guides like the ones found in gen 2 rifles (64). For older gen 1 rifles, click on “choose an option” for the correct hammer spring adjuster for your gen 1 air rifle.


All airguns need to be serviced from time to time and the Benjamin Marauders design makes it easy for you to service it yourself.


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Package includes hill airgun:  Valve assembly w/7 valve spring, gauge port, hammer, hammer spring, barrel drill bit and burr removal tool ( in .22 and .25 kit only), HFTP, 5- o-rings, dry lube and brush, installation instructions, free 1st class shipping.

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Got questions?   Click on “Contact Tim”
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