Max Power Matched Parts Kit


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For Benjamin Marauder, Field and Target, or Benjamin Armada PCP Rifles

+  No need to go through the hassle of sending your rifle off to a tuner.
+  Save money on labor and shipping charges by installing the parts yourself.
+  Also get the personal satisfaction of a job well done   🙂
The hill airgun parts are already precision machined and matched up for the best results. 
With this kit, for max power, you will open up the barrel’s inlet port for more air flow/power ( at the transfer port ), using the included drill bit and then with the included debur tool, debur any remaining sharp edge on the inside of the barrel at the newly drilled hole (.22 and .25 only, .177 is already large enough). 
During testing with my rifle, I got a max power output of 79 foot pounds energy with 43.2 grain .25 caliber pellets, on a 3000 psi fill pressure.
Includes easy to follow installation instructions.  When installing your hill kit, if you have any questions just send Tim a message.


Powerful  –  Great kit for ringing steel, varmint or predator hunting, etc..


For coating the rubber o-rings click on the drop down menu to add hill airgun silicone fluid to your order.

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Package includes hill airgun:  Valve assembly w/7 valve spring, high volume gauge port, hammer, hammer spring, barrel drill bit and debur tool (.22 and .25 only), HFTP, dry lube and brush, 5- o-rings, installation instructions and 1st class shipping.