Matched Parts Kit -Pistols


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For your Benjamin Marauder Pistol, Crosman 1720T Pistol and Woods Walker Pistol

+ The kit is ready to install.  No machining or other modifications are necessary
+ Excellent upgrade for target shooting, plinking, hunting, pest control, etc..

Your choice: 

+ Unregulated:  Install the kit as it is, when you want a lot more power than stock.  
+ Regulated:  You can add your favorite regulator. *Regulator purchased separately.
Your choice of transfer port:  Choose the .105 inside diameter transfer port for unregulated applications for more power than stock or choose the .140 inside diameter transfer port for max power or regulated applications.
Includes the New hill airgun high volume gauge port.
*Now includes o-rings for the buffer modification.


Includes easy to follow installation instructions.  When installing your hill airgun kit, if you have any questions just send Tim a message.


*For coating the fill adapter, gauge port and valve assemblies rubber o-rings, click on the drop down menu to add hill airgun silicone fluid to your order.
=                                        =
*Add a PEEK striker to your order by clicking on “choose an option”.
PEEK striker:  For all calibers – Marauder pistols, Woods Walker Pistols, 17xx  series pistols. 

Allows for installation using a 1/8″ hex wrench – just like the factory striker.

+ No more metal ping sound when the hammer strikes the valve stem.
+ Lightweight;  Removes about 5 grams from the total hammer weight.
+ Keeps the valve stem from mushrooming at the tip – where the striker impacts.  This allows for easy and safe removal of the valve stem, without damaging the valve body.