Your choice of hill airgun hammer springs


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Several hill airgun hammer springs to choose from. Here are the descriptions for each:

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hill airgun Hammer Spring for Your Bulldog.  

For a gentler Bulldog.

+ Inexpensive way to get more shots and at a lower fill pressure.

+ Great for lower powered duties   100 fpe or less  🙂

+ For pest control, plinking, or for more trigger time / practice with your Bulldog.

+ Easy to install and quick to convert back to the stock power at any time.


Fun to shoot.  Less blast and less noise.


During testing with my Bulldog, I got 13- shots with up to 101 foot pounds of energy with 81.02 grain pellets. Click on the picture for the tune chart.

Simple to install; Make sure the airgun is unloaded, no need to degas the airgun. Pop off the rubber butt pad from the stock. Then using a 1/4″ allow wrench, count the number of turns clockwise, this is your rifles current tune. Turning counter clockwise, unscrew / remove the hammer spring adjuster. Remove the stock hammer spring. Install the hill airgun Bulldog hammer spring combo (smaller spring fits into the larger spring). Install the hammer spring adjuster until it stops. Done. You will set the tune by fill pressure. Testing with a chronograph is recommended and if you do not have access to a chronograph you can start with a 1775 fill pressure. If shooting farther out, a fill pressure of around 1575 is recommended to prevent vertical stringing of the shots.

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42 hill airgun hammer spring

For Benjamin Marauder Pistol Model BP2220, Woods Walker pistol, Crosman 1700 series pistols, Discovery Rifle, Maximus Rifle, Fortitude rifle.

Depending on the airgun, can allow for more useable shots per fill and/or more power.
  1.5 inch overall length 
  O.D. .30 
  .042 wire size
  Closed and ground flat ends.
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45 hill airgun hammer spring

For Benjamin Marauder Pistol Model BP2220 and Woods Walker Pistol, Benjamin Fortitude, Crosman 1700 series pistols, Discovery Rifle, Maximus Rifle.

Best Selling Item

  1.5 inch overall length 
  O.D. .30 
  .045 wire size
  Closed and ground flat ends.
In most airguns, can allow for a free flight hammer effect, to save air, and to allow for more shots per fill, and a quieter shooting airgun  🙂
Great Price
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262 hill airgun hammer spring

For Benjamin Marauder Rifles, Field and Target Rifles and Armada Rifles.


Inexpensive and simple way to keep the hammer from opening the valve more than once during the same shot cycle, and wasting air.  Less wasted air means a quieter shooting air gun and more shots per fill.   🙂

The Easiest air saving hammer spring system to install and the easiest to adjust. 

Some of the features include:

+  Simple  “drop in”  installation.

+  Can be adjusted  “on the fly”  for more or less power.

+  Nothing sticks out the back of the rifle.

+  Can be used with all stocks.

+  Can be adjusted for low, medium, or high fill pressures.

+  Custom made to exacting specifications right here in the USA.

+  Excellent results with .177, .22, and .25 caliber rifles.

Works great in :+  Stock rifles.+  Modified rifles.+  Regulated applications.+  Or when used along with the hill valve assembly or with any of the hill airgun Matched Parts Kits.

 Note:  For the best air saving results, set the striker adjustment (1/8″ hex key) to fully counter clockwise and leave it there.  Turn the hammer spring adjuster (1/4″ hex key) to fully counter clockwise, then clockwise, a little at a time, to adjust the rifles pellet velocity.  *Leave at least a small gap between the striker and the tip of the valve stem for a “free flight” effect.  You can check the gap by removing the trigger assembly and looking into the tube.


*For gen 1 air rifles: The hill 262 hammer spring has a .350 inside diameter and is compatible with hammer spring guides like the ones found in gen 2 rifles. For older gen 1 rifles, click on “choose an option” for the correct hammer spring adjuster for your gen 1 air rifle.

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255 hill airgun hammer spring

Similar description as the hill airgun 262 hammer spring but rated lower (less stiff). For less hammer energy and less cocking effort. Best for medium to lower powered applications.

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12.5  hill airgun hammer spring

For Benjamin Marauder and Benjamin Armada Rifles.
Best Selling Item
+  12.5# rated Hammer Spring.
+  2.5 inch overall length 
+  O.D. .48 
+  Closed and ground flat ends.
+  Custom made to exacting specifications.
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10.5 hill airgun hammer spring

For All Benjamin Marauder and Benjamin Armada Rifles 
+  10.5 #  rated Hammer Spring
+  2.5 inch overall length
+  O.D. .48 
+  Closed and ground flat ends
+  Precision made in the USA


15.7  hill airgun hammer spring for Benjamin Marauder and Armada Rifles

For high power applications.

+  The hill 15.7 lb  Hammer Spring.
+  2.49″ long.
+  o.d.  is .49