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Pistol transfer ports description

For your Benjamin Marauder Pistol, Woods Walker Pistol, Crosman 1701P Pistol and Crosman 1720T Pistol

+  Custom made in the USA, from a solid piece of aluminum, using precision CNC machinery, then anodized.

+  Your choice of either .043, .067, .080, .105, .125, .140 inside diameter.

+  The larger than stock inside diameter transfer ports, allow for more airflow and more maximum power than stock.


 Rifle transfer ports description

hill airgun .161 i.d. Transfer port for All calibers Benjamin Marauder Rifle gen 1 or gen 2, Field Target Rifle, or Armada Rifle
+  Allows for more available air flow, from the valve’s exhaust port to the barrel’s inlet port, than a stock transfer port.
+  Precision made from a solid piece of hard and durable 7075 aluminum, using CNC machinery, then anodized.

+  Great option for most regulated applications.

*Largest I.D. transfer port available that will still allow for using the factory TP gaskets.

Easy to install.  Direct replacement for the factory transfer port – no modifications to the Rifles breech are necessary.



Also for Benjamin Marauder Rifles gen 1 or gen 2, Field Target Rifles, or Armada Rifles

hill airgun Original.

High Flow Transfer Port (HFTP)   


The Best Shot to Shot Consistency:  Not just cut plastic tubing, which can leak air. The hill airgun HFTP is precision CNC machined from a solid piece of material and forms an airtight seal.

+  The largest inside diameter available (around .194) without having to alter the breech.

+  The best choice for high power applications or for regulated applications.

+  Simple to install and installation instructions are included.  

Direct replacement for the factory transfer port – no modifications to the Rifles breech are necessary

The hill airgun HFTP works alone  ( Do not add the factory style transfer port o-rings when using the hill airgun HFTP)

*Best results when used along with the hill airgun Rifle valve assembly.


For Benjamin Discovery Rifles

Increase the usable shots per fill in your .177 or .22 caliber Benjamin Discovery (Disco) or Maximus Rifle

Want to shoot more and fill your airgun less often? 

For less velocity differences throughout the entire fill.  A flatter shot curve, for better accuracy.

+  Includes a hill airgun  .107 I.D. transfer port. Precision CNC machined from a solid piece of 7075 aluminum, then anodized blue.

+  Includes a new transfer port gasket.

+  Excellent choice for target shooting, plinking, small pest elimination. 

+  Also great for shooting where the space is limited or where maximum power is not needed, such as in a small backyard, inside a basement, inside a barn, small pest elimination, a quieter shooting air rifle, etc.

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Add Transfer Port Gaskets to your order  (not for use with the HFTP).

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