For ALL Benjamin Marauder Rifles gen 1 or gen 2, Benjamin Field and Target, and Benjamin Armada Rifles – All Calibers 


 Best Aftermarket Valve Assembly


Some of the features of the hill airgun valve assembly include:

+  The valve body and cap are precision CNC machined from a solid piece of durable 7075 aluminum, then anodized.

+  Proprietary valve seat design – prevents air leaks – allows for long valve life.

+  The valve body and valve end cap both have a large internal volume – plenum. 

+  Works with the factory or hill airgun transfer ports.

+  Allows for more power than stock.


  For regulated Rifles or Max Power Rifles, choose the valve assembly with 7 valve spring.

  For unregulated Rifles when you want more shots per fill, choose the valve assembly with 65 valve spring.



  Best Quality 


*For more airflow – more power than the stock transfer port allows for, add a hill airgun .161 transfer port or for the most power add a hill airgun HFTP (high flow transfer port) to your order.


Includes: 1- Complete hill airgun Rifle valve assembly and shipping. 

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