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hill airgun barrel band


Made in the USA  🙂

hill airgun original

Replaces the factory barrel band on ALL Benjamin Marauder Rifles Gen 1 and Gen 2, Semi Auto Marauder Rifles, Field Target Rifles and Armada Semi Auto Rifles. *Will not fit bolt action Armada rifles due to their stock design.


+ Custom made in the USA from a solid piece of aluminum, using precision CNC machinery, then anodized.

+ Designed to prevent point of impact changes with your rifle, from day to day.

+ Great item to protect your rifles accuracy incase the barrel happens to get bumped.

+ The internal o-ring provides full radial contact with the shroud.

+ Machined in internal slot, keeps the o-ring in place.

+ Allows for the mounting of quick release flashlights, that have Picatinny/Weaver style mounts.

+ You don’t have the weight of the light added to the rifle, until you need it.

+ In the darkness, the scopes reticle is visible when the flashlight is on, this allows the use of lighter weight scopes that do not have an illuminated reticle.

+ The out front – bottom mount design – keeps the light from reflecting back into the scope.

+ If you prefer, you can use lights with remote switches.


Best Quality  –  Best Modification