Safe for Crosman, Benjamin, and other airguns.

 For coating/lubing the o-rings on:  Airguns, hand pumps, fill tanks, scuba tanks, and other uses.

 Why should you choose hill airgun 100% silicone lube;

+  100 %  Pure Silicone Lube.

+  Safe for PCP, spring piston, pump, and nitro piston air guns.

+  Great for high temperature applications.

+  Does NOT contain Petroleum distillates.

+  Does not contain fillers, which can cause leaks in high pressure systems  (silicone grease contains fillers).

+  Thicker formula stays where you need it.

+  Safe to use on all rubber products.

+  No mess applicator/dropper.

+  1 bottle last a long time.

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