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For more useable shots per fill and with a low variance in pellet velocity throughout the entire fill – for better accuracy.


+ The parts are already matched up.

+ No machining or drilling is necessary.

+ Regulator is already set and does not require the reservoir tube to be drilled for a vent hole.

+ Includes detailed installation instructions.

+ Excellent upgrade for field target rifles.


For .177 caliber or medium to lower powered .22 caliber Benjamin PCP Rifles


Technical assistance is included after the sale.  If you have any questions, send Tim an email at:

Don’t want to install the kit yourself ?   I’ll install the kit for you.  For more information, send Tim and email at:

Package includes:   1- New/modified stock valve assembly,  1- hill high volume / high flow valve cap, 1- hill hammer ( includes hill dry lube w/applicator brush ) , 1- hill high volume gauge port, 1- hill hammer spring, 1- higher flowing transfer port,  2- transfer port o-rings, 5- o-rings, 1- preset Audrius regulator, detailed installation instructions.












Price: $279.98