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Factory .22 caliber Marauder Rifle – Plus a hill airgun Value Regulated .22 Rifle Kit is Already Installed



Ready to go  

Just mount your favorite scope – fill the rifle up to 3000 psi – start shooting   🙂


Lots shots per fill with a low spread in pellet velocity – for the best accuracy. 


Great Rifle and Fun to Shoot:  For target shooting, plinking, small game hunting, small pest elimination, etc.. 



Simple to adjust the pellet velocity

Adjust hammer spring setting using a 1/4″ hex key to raise or lower the pellet velocity.

Fully counter clockwise, or 0 turns, equals about 805 feet per second.

Or up to 2- turns clockwise – which equals a maximum pellet velocity of about 885 fps.


Click on the following link for more information about the tune, the modifications, and the  adjustments:


The rifle shoots the Predator GTO pellets at around 860 fps at the lowest hammer spring setting of 0 turns (or fully counter clockwise), and at a high of around 915 fps, with a hammer spring setting of 1-3/4 turns.  Or, the hammer spring adjuster can be set for a velocity somewhere in-between.



*Optional:  Click on the following link for a Hawke Vantage 4-12×40 AO Mil Dot scope with set of BKL scope mounts:





Package includes:  1- .22 Marauder Rifle w/synthetic stock Model BP2264S, 1- 10 shot magazine, 1- hill airgun Value Regulated .22 Rifle Kit, 1- charge for installing the parts and setting the tune, paypal fees, and USPS Priority Mail Shipping within the USA.  Check your state and local laws prior to ordering.



Price: $659.98