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For All Calibers – Benjamin Marauder or Benjamin Armada PCP Rifles

Best performance:  A time proven system that produces excellent results.  


Want your rifle to have more shots per fill, shoot with better consistency, better accuracy ?

Maybe you want it to have more power too ? 

Don’t want to spend a lot of time and money tuning your rifle ?


Install the kit – Set the hammer spring adjuster – Go shooting   🙂


+  No need to go through the hassle of sending your rifle off to a tuner.

+  Save money on labor and shipping charges by installing the parts yourself.

+  Also get the personal satisfaction of a job well done   🙂


Includes the hill valve assembly.  Click here for more information:


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Not too long ago, it was sometimes said that you should not regulate your .25 caliber Benjamin PCP rifle because the power output will be too low.  After spending many hours of testing, I put together a kit that would make it easy for anyone with a Benjamin PCP to achieve better performance out of their rifle.  Here are some examples:

 Here is an example of a .25 caliber tune using 25.39 grain pellets – some customers have reported back to me that they achieved even better results:

Click on the following link for a chart/tune of a hill Regulated Matched Parts Kit installed in a customers gen 1 .25 cal. Benjamin Marauder rifle ( shorter reservoir tube than a gen 2 rifle has )  3000 psi fill pressure and shooting 25.39 grain pellets for 41 shots at 41 fpe av  :

and here is a tune from way back in  May 2016:

Click on the following link for another example of a .25 caliber tune – 3000 psi fill pressure and shooting 25.39 grain pellets for 33 shots at 43 fpe av :


*NEW SHOT STRING:   Very quiet shooting. Click on the following link for another example of a .25 caliber tune – 3000 psi fill pressure and shooting 25.39 grain pellets for 65 shots at 33.6 fpe av :


Other tunes are available for .22 cal. rifles too.  Here are some examples:

Click on the following link for an example of a hill Regulated Matched Parts kit that I installed in a customers gen 2 .22 cal. Benjamin Marauder, using a 3001 psi fill pressure and shooting 21.14 grain pellets for 33 shots at an average of 38 fpe :


Click on the following link to view and example of  70- shots per fill with 18.13 grain pellets:




Another available option: With the hill Rifle Regulated Matched Parts kit installed in my gen 2 .22 cal. Benjamin rifle, I tethered a 12oz. CO2 tank to the rifle and shot this shot string – I stopped shooting after 29 shots:

I can easily switch back to shooting 21.14 grain pellets at a regulated average of 901 feet per second, by charging the rifle with high pressure air.

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Need even more power?

During testing, I shot this video:

The video quality isn’t too great, but I thought I would post it anyway. I normally keep the videos for reference. I tried to count the shots. The crony missed shot number six. Total of 31 shots on a 3006 psi fill.

For more info; on the youtube video, click on “show more

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Don’t want to have to fill your airgun all the way up to 3000 psi ?  With the hill kit installed, you can fill to a lower pressure, and still get lots of shots per fill.



*If you would prefer, I can install the kit into your rifle and set the tune.  Email me for more information at:

*Click on this link if you need  hill silicone fluid:


For the best performance;  In .22 and .25 calibers, use the included drill bit to open up the barrel’s air inlet port ( near the transfer port ). 



Note:  The hill regulated kit has a larger plenum volume than most of the regulators with the built-in gauge port.  This larger plenum volume is best for those seeking a higher power output from their regulated .25 caliber Benjamin rifle. You will not drill a vent hole in your rifle’s reservoir tube. The included regulator vents through the gauge port opening in the reservoir tube.

When installing your hill kit, if you need any assistance, just email Tim at:




Package includes:   1- hill complete valve assembly, 1- hill hammer ( includes hill dry lube w/applicator brush ) , 1- hill high volume gauge port, 1- hill hammer spring, 1- drill bit ( per caliber ), 1- high flowing transfer port,  5- o-rings, 1- Bur removal tool, 1- preset Audrius regulator, simple to follow installation instructions.


Thanks for your business


Price: $334.98