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For Crosman 17xx series pistols or Benjamin Marauder BP2220 or Woods Walker Pistols


For more shots per fill


The kit includes the New hill valve assembly for Benjamin/Crosman PCP pistols.  Click on the following link for more information:


Ready to install.  No machining or other modifications are necessary.  


+ Includes a PEEK striker, to lighten the hammer a bit for decreased valve dwell and to reduce hammer noise.

+ Reuse your pistol’s current transfer port.



 *More power:   If you would rather have about 16 useable shots at around 22 fpe per 3000 psi fill, then add this item to your order:

Click on the following link to view a tune with the kit installed in a customers 1720T pistol  ( no buffer mod to worry with, and no regulator )


If you are adding a regulator to your pistol ( regulator not included with this kit ), click here to add a larger i.d. transfer port to your order:


 Click on the following link to add hill silicone to your order:


When installing your hill kit, if you need any assistance, just email Tim at:


Package includes:

1- New design  hill pistol valve assembly w/hill valve spring installed, 2- transfer port gaskets, 1- PEEK striker, 4- replacement o-rings ( for valve assembly – gauge port – and fill adapter housing ), 1- hill 45 hammer spring, hill hammer and cocking bolt dry lube w/applicator brush, detailed installation and tuning instructions, and free shipping within the USA

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Price: $152.98