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For all calibers – Marauder rifles, Armada rifles, Challenger rifles, Marauder pistols, Woods Walker Pistols, 17–  series pistols,  (  for any Crosman or Benjamin product that uses the part number 1763A036 striker pin ). 


Allows for installation using a 1/8″ hex wrench – just like the factory striker


+ No more metal ping sound when the hammer strikes the valve stem.

+ Lightweight;  Removes about 5 grams from the total hammer weight.

+ Keeps the valve stem from mushrooming at the tip – where the striker impacts.  This allows for easy and safe removal of the valve stem, without damaging the valve body.


hill hammer not included, purchase it separately here:



Installation: The hill PEEK striker threads into the hammer – until flush with the hammer.  *NOTE:  For the best results, the peek striker is not adjustable and allows for a full hammer stroke.  Adjust the pellet velocity with the hammer spring adjuster.




Package includes:  1- hill airgun PEEK striker, installation instructions, PayPal fees,, and free shipping within the USA.

Price: $22.98