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For Benjamin Maximus Rifles in .177 or .22 calibers


The kit includes the New hill valve assembly for Benjamin/Crosman PCP Maximus rifles and Marauder pistols.  Click on the following link for more information:



I installed one of the kits into my .22 caliber Maximus rifle and filled the reservoir to 1900 psi.  Click on the following link to view the tune:

The tune shows 16- shots at a maximum power level of 25 fpe while using only around 500 psi of air.  


Versatile:  Can be adjusted for different needs.  More shots per fill or more power.

If you want more maximum power, then you can use your rifles stock transfer port along with the kit.

Excellent kit for medium powered regulated applications – just add your favorite regulator.


Recommended add on items:

Better LDC

Best LDC


When installing your hill kit, if you need any assistance, just email Tim at:

Includes:  1- hill blue valve assembly, 1- hill 45 hammer spring, 1- hill .107 transfer port w/gasket, replacement o-rings, simple to follow installation instructions, PayPal fees, and free fast shipping, within the USA.


Price: $138.98