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For your Marauder Rifle – Gen 1 or Gen 2 – Fortitude Rifle, or Armada Rifle – ALL Calibers


 Keeps more within the rifle’s stock lines, than when adding a suppressor

+  The shroud is custom made from aluminum, and is anodized.

+  The finish will not flake off. 

+  Length is 27-3/4″ Long  ( a stock shroud is 23.5″ Long ).

+  The baffles and spring are removable. 

+  Does not impair the rifles accuracy.

+  Allows for a quieter discharge sound from the rifle – than stock.

+  FREE USPS Priority Mail is included.

Easy Installation:
Remove the rifles existing shroud.
Thread on the new longer shroud with more baffles ( the baffles and spring are already installed inside the shroud ).
Install the shroud end cap from the old shroud onto the new shroud.
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For airgun use only

Package includes:  1- shroud, 1- spring, 13- baffles, and free USPS Priority Mail shipping within the USA

Price: $127.98