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For .22, and .25 Calibers – Benjamin Marauder or Benjamin Armada PCP Rifles


+  No need to go through the hassle of sending your rifle off to a tuner.

+  Save money on labor and shipping charges by installing the parts yourself.

+  Also get the personal satisfaction of a job well done   🙂


The parts are already precision machined and are matched up to get excellent results. 


During testing with my rifle, I got a max power output of 80 foot pounds energy with 43.2 grain pellets, on a 3000 psi fill pressure.

Powerful  –  Great kit for ringing steel, varmint or predator hunting, etc..



Includes the hill airgun blue valve assembly.  Click here for more information:



With this kit, for max power, you will open up the barrel’s inlet port for more air flow/power  ( at the transfer port ), using the included drill bit and de-bur tool.    

Email Tim at:  to let me know what caliber your rifle is.   .161 drill bit for .22 caliber or .187 drill bit for .25 caliber.



Package includes:1- hill airgun blue rifle valve assembly, 1- hill high volume gauge port, 1- hill hammer, 1- hill hammer and bolt assembly dry lube w/premium applicator brush, 1- hill hammer spring, 1- drill bit, 1- de-bur tool, 1- hill HFTP, 5- o-rings, simple to follow installation instructions, and free fast shipping within the USA.


Price: $299.98