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For .22, and .25 Calibers, and For Higher Powered .177 Caliber Benjamin Marauder or Benjamin Armada PCP Rifles


+  No need to go through the hassle of sending your rifle off to a tuner.

+  Save money on labor and shipping charges by installing the parts yourself.

+  Also get the personal satisfaction of a job well done   🙂

+ The parts are already precision machined and are matched up to get excellent results. 

+ No drilling or machining is necessary. 

+ The parts are “Drop in Ready”


Includes the hill airgun blue valve assembly.  Click here for more information:


Simple and easy to adjust the rifle’s power level:

You can adjust the rifle’s power output for the bigger task by simply turning the hammer spring adjuster using a 1/4″ hex key, clockwise to increase the pellet velocity.  And when less power is desired such as when shooting in the backyard, just plinking around, wanting more shots per fill, or a quieter shooting rifle, adjust the hammer spring adjuster counter clockwise for less pellet velocity.


Click on the following links to view the results that I achieved with my .25 caliber rifle, by only adjusting the hammer spring tension – with a 1/4″ hex key.   

25.39 grain pellets:  Want about 49 shots at 40 fpe:

25.39 grain pellets:  How about 16 shots at 50 fpe:

43.2 grain pellets:  6 shots with at an average of 64 fpe:


Click on the following link to add hill silicone fluid to your order:


When installing your hill kit, if you need any assistance, just email Tim at:



Gen 1 airguns:  Add the correct hammer spring guide to your order by clicking on the following link:



Have a factory regulated field and target rifle?  Install this kit for more power and a better shot count.  Example with .22 caliber rifles:  Shoot 18.13 grain pellets at over 900 fps.


hill airgun  -Making it easy for you to get the most out of your airgun.




Includes:   1-  complete hill valve assembly, 1- hill high volume gauge port, 1- hill 262 hammer spring, 1- hill hammer, 1- hill hammer and bolt assembly dry lube w/premium applicator brush, 5- o-rings, easy to follow step by step installation instructions, and free shipping within the USA

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Price: $289.98