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hill airgun Blue High volume Gauge Port for ALL Benjamin Marauder and Benjamin Armada Rifles


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+  Precision made from a solid piece of durable 7075 aluminum, using CNC machinery. 


+  Anodized blue to prevent corrosion. 


+  The internal volume is much larger than a stock gauge port, which allows for more air space inside the pressure tube.


+  Allows for a larger plenum and more power, in regulated applications. 


+  Designed and built to last.


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Optional for regulated rifles – install two :  One for reading the fill side reservoir pressure, and one for reading the regulated pressure.
Fill pressure:  Installs inside the reservoir tube, between the fill adapter housing and the regulator.  
Regulated pressure:  Installs in place of the factory gauge port. 
Allows you to SAFELY read the pressures by looking at the gauge from the SIDE or Bottom of your airgun, NOT by having to point the muzzle end of the rifle toward your eyes.



Includes:  1- hill airgun blue high volume gauge port, 3- o-rings, paypal fees, and free fast shipping within the USA.





Price: $59.98