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For All .177, .22, and .25 caliber – Benjamin Marauder and Benjamin Armada PCP Rifles

For more shots per fill – and a quieter shooting rifle   🙂


Some of the Features Include:

+  The hammer operates smoothly and quietly during the rifle’s shot cycle.

+  Does not require the inside of the reservoir tube to be polished.

+  Precision CNC machined from a solid piece of hard and durable 7075 aluminum, then anodized blue.

+  Ventilated for easy flow, which can increase the pellet velocity and allow for better shot to shot consistency.

+  Already drilled and tapped and a set screw is installed, to prevent the striker from moving. 

+  The hard surface, allows for a crisp trigger break.

+  Excellent performance with regulated applications too.


A proven design:  Unlike non-metal hammers, no worries about the hammer distorting, dragging, sticking, or hanging up, inside the reservoir tube – which can result in a poor trigger pull, erratic pellet velocities, and inaccuracies.

The hill hammer weighs 20 grams.  When you install the striker from your rifle’s factory hammer into the hill hammer, the total weight is 25 grams (.88 ounces). 


*For otherwise stock rifles: Good for up to approximately 30 fpe.   If more power is desired, click on the following link to add a hill 12.5 hammer spring to your order: or a hill valve assembly:


Package includes:  1- hill hammer, detailed installation instructions, and free shipping within the USA


Price: $57.98