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For ALL Benjamin Marauder PCP Rifles gen 1 or gen 2 or Benjamin Armada PCP Rifles 

For .177, .22, 25, caliber Rifles


+  Excellent power upgrade.

+  Easy to adjust for a flatter shooting and more powerful shot string, for lots of accurate shots per fill.

+  Allows for a longer hammer stroke – more power.

+  Valve body and valve cap are precision CNC machined from a solid piece of aluminum – then are anodized blue.

+  The valve body and end cap both have a large internal volume, for more air capacity. 

+  Flows more air than a factory valve, for more power with lower or higher – comparable fill pressures.

+  Works with the factory or hill transfer ports and hammer springs.

+  Durable – built to last.

+  No internal o-rings – that can deteriorate, fail, or create negative issues and no expensive parts to have to replace.

+  Can be used in an otherwise stock airgun, or can be used to help create the ideal tune in your customized airgun project.


Accuracy – Efficiency – Power 

 *For even more air flow, or for those with custom projects, the exhaust port on the new hill valve assembly can be opened up to as large as .250 I.D..  For the best precision, this operation should be performed on a milling machine.


Technical assistance after the sale:  When installing your hill valve assembly, if you have any questions, just send Tim an email at:

Package includes:  1- valve assembly,  and shipping within the USA.


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Price: $145.98