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For Benjamin Marauder BP2220 or Crosman 17xx series Pistols and Benjamin Maximus Rifles


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+  Excellent power upgrade.
+  Allows for a longer hammer stroke – more power.
+  Easy to adjust for a flatter shooting and more powerful shot string, for lots of accurate shots per fill.
+  Valve body and valve cap are precision CNC machined from a solid piece of 7075 aluminum – then are anodized blue.
+  The valve body and cap both have a large internal volume, for more air capacity. 
+  Works with the factory or hill transfer ports and hammer springs.
+  Flows more air than a factory valve, for more power with lower or higher – comparable fill pressures.
+  Durable – built to last forever.
+  No internal valve o-rings – that can deteriorate, fail, or create negative issues and no expensive parts to have to replace.
+  Can be used in an otherwise stock airgun, or can be used to help create the ideal tune in your customized airgun project.
+  Best choice for regulated applications.

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Package includes:  1- hill airgun complete blue valve assembly (for Pistol or Maximus ), PayPal fees, and free fast shipping within the USA.


Price: $129.98