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Replaces the factory barrel band on All Benjamin Marauder Air Rifles 

+ Custom machined from a solid piece of aluminum, using precision CNC machinery, then anodized for protection.

+ Provides full radial contact with the shroud.

+ Designed to prevent point of impact changes with the rifle, from day to day.

+ Machined in internal slot – keeps the o-ring in place.

+ Allows for the mounting of quick release flashlights, that have Picatinny/Weaver style mounts.

+ You don’t have the weight of the light added to the rifle until you need it.

+ In the darkness, the scopes reticle is visible when the flashlight is on, this allows the use of lighter weight scopes that do not have an illuminated reticle.

+ The out front – bottom mount design – keeps the light from reflecting into the scope.

+ If you prefer, you can use lights with remote switches.


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Simple to install:

*First: Make Certain the Air Gun Is Unloaded

1- Using the included 5/64″ hex wrench, remove the 2- set screws from your gun’s current barrel band.
2- Remove the old barrel band and place it to the side.
3- With the protruding end of the hill barrel bands rail facing toward the muzzle end of the gun, slide the new barrel band into the same place, where the old barrel band was.
4- While applying slight finger pressure at the bottom side of the new barrel band, tighten down the 2- set screws.
The barrel band is designed to align itself during the installation, and to maintain alignment from day to day.

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Package includes:
1- barrel band with rail, 1- 5/64″ hex wrench, 1- barrel band o-ring, 2- set screws, installation instructions, and shipping within the USA


Price: $49.98