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Now available:  I purchased this rifle new.  Custom regulated .22 rifle, in near new condition, in stock and ready to ship for 679.98  



 .22 caliber Marauder Rifle – Plus – several hill airgun parts including a regulator are already installed.



Ready to go  

Just mount your favorite scope – fill the rifle with air – start shooting   🙂


Lots of shots per fill, with a low spread in pellet velocity – for the best accuracy. 


Great Rifle and Fun to Shoot

For target shooting, plinking, small game hunting, pest elimination, etc.. 



Click on the following link to view one example of a tune:

Test velocities with Crosman Premier, JSB 18.13, and Baracuda 21.14 grain pellets:



Fill pressure of 3000 psi:   If you prefer, you can fill the rifle to a lower pressure, and still get lots of shots.


*New regulated .22 caliber Benjamin rifle’s, starting at 689.98. Have it built your way. For more information, email Tim at: 





Package includes:  1- .22 Marauder Rifle w/synthetic stock Model BP2264S, 1- 10 round magazine, 1- hill airgun parts (hill hammer, hill 6 valve spring, hill hammer spring, larger i.d. transfer port, hill hammer lube ), audrius regulator, professionally installed parts and tuned rifle, paypal fees, and USPS Priority Mail Shipping within the USA.  Check your state and local laws prior to ordering.





Price: $679.98