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hill airgun  Original flow through design for the Best accuracy and for the Best sound reduction

For All .177, .22, and .25 caliber Benjamin Marauder and Benjamin Fortitude Rifles

+  The body and end caps are precision CNC machined from aluminum and are anodized.

+  The end caps are threaded for easy and quick disassembly.

+  Precision threaded for a direct fitment onto the air rifles’s factory shroud.

+  Size is:  1-3/8″ o.d. x 8″ long.

+  The internals are already designed to be the most effective, just thread it on and start shooting  🙂



*Important:  The hill airgun 8 Rifle moderator threads directly onto your Marauder or Fortitude air rifle’s factory shroud.  With any moderator; Adapters should only be used as a very last resort, as they can allow for misalignment and can create pellet clipping issues – inaccuracies.  Adapters make the air rifle longer than necessary, add unnecessary extra weight to the barrel, and there is no need to spend the extra money.

*Note:  Any LDC larger than 1-3/8″ in diameter may impair the view through your air rifle’s scope, especially at lower magnification settings.


hill Original  – The removable end cap allows you to install your moderator onto different airguns quickly and with precise alignment. For more information, click on the following link:


Click on each of the following links for a hill airgun item for your Armada Rifle, or to compare the available – similar hill airgun items  for your Marauder Rifle or Fortitude Rifle :



 *For air Rifle use only


 **Note:  Will not fit the Marauder PISTOL or the Crosman PISTOL   *Click on the following link for the hill airgun 8 Pistol :



Package includes:  1- hill airgun 8 Rifle, and shipping within the USA



Price: $157.98