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( see my other listing for a shroud extension/moderator for the Benjamin Marauder or Armada Rifle ).


+ Easily installs onto and extends your air Pistols factory shroud.

+ The body and end caps are precision made of aluminum and the end caps are precision threaded.

+ The protective anodized finish looks great and will not flake off.

+ The 6- baffles and 1- spring are removable.

+ Greatly reduces the air guns discharge sound.

+ 5.5″ long x 7/8″ outside diameter.

+ The pistol can be refilled with air, without needing to remove the shroud extension.



Easy to install:  Remove the air pistols shroud end cap, then thread/screw your shroud extension onto the the air pistols shroud.


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For airguns only


Package includes:  1- hill  5.5 Benjamin/Crosman pistol shroud extension/moderator, and free shipping within the USA



Price: $104.98