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+  hill 45  hammer spring.

+  Higher rated than the hill 42 hammer spring.

+  1.5 inch overall length

+  .30 O.D.

+  Closed and ground flat ends.

+ Can allow for more shots per fill.  


*Click on the following link to view two separate tunes using my new Benjamin Maximus .22 caliber rifle. One tune shows the rifle’s tune in stock form. The other tune shows the same rifle with the hammer spring changed out to a hill 45 hammer spring. Results:  Installing the hill 45 hammer spring resulted in a higher average pellet velocity ( 831 fps ) with a lower extreme spread ( 3.3 % ) in pellet velocity – for better accuracy:


Package includes:   1- hill airgun 45 hammer spring, PayPal fees, and free fast shipping, within the USA.

Price: $8.92