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For .177 and .22 caliber Regulated rifles. 


Inexpensive way to get more shots per fill by keeping the hammer from opening the valve more than once during the same shot cycle, and wasting air – the rifle shoots quieter too.


*Rated a bit lower (less stiff) than the hill 262 hammer spring.  For lower powered applications and/or for regulated applications.



The Easiest air saving hammer spring system to install and the easiest to adjust.


Some of the features include:

+  Simple  “drop in”  installation.

+  Can be adjusted  “on the fly”  for more or less power.

+  Nothing sticks out the back of the rifle.

+  Can be used with all stocks.




 *   The hill 255 hammer spring has a .360 inside diameter and is compatible with gen 1 or gen 2 hammer spring guides.
 Note:  For the best air saving results, set the hammer throw (1/8″ hex wrench) to fully counter clockwise and leave it there always.  Then set the hammer spring adjuster (1/4″ hex wrench) to fully counter clockwise, then no more than about 2-1/4  turns clockwise – leaving at least a slight gap between the hammer and the valve stem. 


Package includes:   1- hill airgun 255 hammer spring, PayPal fees, and free fast shipping within the USA



Price: $9.98