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For coating/lubing the O-rings on;  PCP air guns, hand pumps, fill tanks, scuba tanks, and other uses.



+ Safe for PCP, spring piston, and nitro piston air guns.

+ 100 %  Pure Silicone Fluid.

+ Great for high temperature applications.

+ Does NOT contain Petroleum distillates.

+ Safe to use on all rubber products.

+ No mess applicator/dropper.

1- full ounce – will last a long time



Marauder and Armada service:  Coat the o-rings and inside the air reservoir tube on the muzzle end, when installing the valve assembly, gauge port, and the fill adapter housing.



Package includes: 1- Ounce Pure Silicone Fluid  and Free Shipping to anywhere within the USA

Price: $8.98