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For Your Benjamin Marauder or Armada Rifle 


Made in the USA  –  Best Quality  –  Best Performance


Each hill airgun depinger is sized up per caliber. This proper sizing eliminates the ping sound that the rifle produces during the shot cycle, without reducing the rifle’s power output.


*After ordering your custom made depinger, click on the following link to let Tim know the caliber of your rifle:



Some of the features include:

+  Custom machined from a solid piece of aluminum, using precision CNC machinery, then anodized blue to prevent corrosion.
+  Won’t deform or deteriorate like tacky looking plastic depingers do.
+  Designed and built to last forever
+  Smaller size takes up less space inside the reservoir.



Actual customer response;
” the depinger does its job! the ping never bothered me and I didn’t ever care to get rid of it. now that it feels like a solid gun, i love it! it’s hard to explain ”



hill depinger installation:

*Make Certain the Airgun is Unloaded    *Degas the air gun *Make Certain ALL of the air is out of the reservoir.  

Remove the barrel band. Unscrew the fill adapter housing. *NOTE- For gen 2 Benjamin rifles, you can remove the factory denouncer by using a stiff non-marring wire with a “J” bend on the end – insert the wire into the reservoir tube – hook the rubber denouncer and pull it from the tube.  Then insert the hill de-pinger into the reservoir tube –  large opening first.  While using a non-marring instrument, push the de-pinger down into the reservoir tube until you feel it stop against the gauge port.  Reassemble the air gun.  

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After ordering your custom made depinger, click on the following link to let Tim, know the caliber of your air rifle:

Package includes:  1- hill airgun blue depinger with o-ring, PayPal fees, and free fast shipping within the USA.


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Price: $27.98