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For Your Benjamin Marauder Rifle or Armada Rifle 


Made in the USA  –  Best Quality  –  Best Performance



Some of the features include:

+  Custom machined from a solid piece of aluminum, using precision CNC machinery, then anodized blue to prevent corrosion.
+  Won’t deform or deteriorate like tacky looking plastic depingers do.
+  Designed and built to last forever
+  Smaller size takes up less space inside the reservoir.



Actual customer response;
” the depinger does its job! the ping never bothered me and I didn’t ever care to get rid of it. now that it feels like a solid gun, i love it! it’s hard to explain ”



hill depinger installation:

*Make Certain the Airgun is Unloaded    *Degas the air gun *Make Certain ALL of the air is out of the reservoir.  

Remove the barrel band. Unscrew the fill adapter housing. *NOTE- For gen 2 Benjamin rifles, you can remove the factory denouncer by using a stiff non-marring wire with a “J” bend on the end – insert the wire into the reservoir tube – hook the rubber denouncer and pull it from the tube.  Then insert the hill de-pinger into the reservoir tube –  large opening first.  While using a non-marring instrument, push the de-pinger down into the reservoir tube until you feel it stop against the gauge port.  Reassemble the air gun.  

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*For your Marauder Pistol, Woods Walker Pistol, 17xx series Pistol, Discovery Rifle, Maximus Rifle, etc., click on the following link:




Package includes:  1- hill airgun blue depinger with hill airgun silicone coated o-ring, PayPal fees, and free fast shipping within the USA.


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Price: $29.98