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Several custom sizes are available and are ready to ship


+  Precision machined from aluminum.

+  Anodized finish – Inside and on the Outside.

+  The protective finish looks great and will not flake off.

+  Threaded on both ends.


* Shroud Mount Kits, and Baffle Kits – are sold separately.  See my other listings.

*This is a barrel shroud, not a barrel.

*See the available lengths   –    Shrouds are not made to order.


Most will work with the  hill 8 LDC/supressor, depending on your application.


Lengths available:

2-3/16″,  5.5″,   7″,   17-7/8″,  18-1/8″,   19-7/8″,   22″,  and  27-3/4″  Long,   x  25/32″ ID (approx.)


Click on the following link to view a 19-7/8″ long shroud on a gen 2 Benjamin rifle.  Still able to use 1- spring and 2- baffles.  Great for hunters that don’t want to bump their rifles shroud when walking through the woods.  You can load several pellets, like shooting a shotgun, no worries about blowing out a baffle.


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Here is a picture of a Fortitude with a 22″ long hill shroud  (you can click on this link for a closer view: )  *Optional:  1- baffle and 1- spring

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Prices range from:  $49.98 – $97.98 , and include free shipping to anywhere within the USA

For a price quote, send Tim an email at: and let me know which size/length shroud you would like.  Thank you

Price: $95.98