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*On sale now for 439.00  Click on the following link to send Tim an email: and I will send you a separate invoice through paypal, or you can pay by USPS money order.




+ A little more powerful than a P-Rod, and with a lot more shots per fill.

+ Great airgun for target shooting, plinking, small pest elimination, etc.

+ Lightweight, and handy to carry.

+ Easy cocking/cycling action.

+ Already factory regulated, for the best accuracy.

+ Quiet shooting.


Click on the following link to view the current shot string/ tune:

*If you do not need the scope and mounts, take 105.00 off the price.


Includes:  1- preowned – like new Benjamin .22 caliber Fortitude, 1- 10 shot magazine, 1- hill airgun comfort grip, hill airgun hammer spring, 1- preowned Hawke Vantage mil-dot 4-12×40 scope, 1- preowned set BKL scope mounts, paypal fees, and USPS Priority Mail shipping within the USA.

Price: $469.98