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Baffles for ALL Benjamin Marauder, Benjamin Fortitude, and Benjamin Armada Rifles


+ These baffles are designed to fit inside the shroud on All Benjamin Marauder rifles – gen 1 or gen 2 – and Benjamin Armada rifles – All calibers.

+ Great upgrade for the Gen 1 rifle ( older style ).


Simple to install:   *Make certain the airgun is unloaded
Unscrew the shroud end cap. Remove any baffles that may be inside the shroud. Drop the spring in first. Install the baffles with the more pointed end first. After all of the baffles have been installed, reinstall the shroud end cap.



Note:  These baffles will also fit inside the hill airgun custom shrouds and the hill airgun 6 and hill airgun 8 moderators. 


Package includes:  7- baffles, 1- spring, installation instructions, paypal fees, and free fast shipping, to anywhere in the USA.






Price: $28.98