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For a more consistent shot string – for the best accuracy.  


hill airgun – Includes hill airgun easy to follow step by step installation instructions.


No drilling a hole in the reservoir tube:  Leaving the 0-ring off the regulator side of the gauge port, or not using a gauge port, allows for proper venting of the regulator.


+ The regulator is adjustable from 10 bar (145 psi) to 160 bar (2300 psi).

+ Thin walled stainless steel plenum, for more plenum volume and more pressure tube volume, when compared to regulators with aluminum plenums.

Click on the following link for more information about regulating your Rifle:


Click on the following links to include silicone for lubing the o-rings and for a set of replacement o-rings for the Rifle’s internal parts: and

At hill airgun – In Stock and Ships Within 1 Business Day:  Your choice of plenum size – standard 42mm spacer for low, medium, or high power applications, *or larger 55mm spacer for the highest power applications. Choose the size that’s best for you, for the same price. * The 42mm normally ships, after placing your order, email Tim at: to let me know if you prefer the 55mm.




Package includes:  1- Your choice 42mm or 55mm long spacer audrius regulator, 1- set of spare regulator o-rings, easy to follow step by step installation instructions, technical assistance, paypal fees, and free fast shipping within the USA


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Price: $70.98