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hill airgun –  .22 caliber Marauder Rifle 


*On sale now for 489.98  Click on the following link to send Tim an email: and I will send you a separate invoice through paypal, or you can pay by USPS money order.


Want a nice shooting air rifle, but don’t particularly like to tinker ?  No problem  🙂



 + Picatinny breech.

+  hill 262 hammer spring.

 + hill airgun comfort grip.

 + 10- shot magazine.


I took the top half off from this otherwise new air rifle to use on another air rifle.  The bottom half of this air rifle is brand new and has not been shot – not even one time. The picatinny breech and the new style crosman barrel are from stock I had on hand and are in excellent condition. The shroud tube is new. The hill 262 hammer spring will allow for a nice tune, but let me know if you would like to add any other hill parts. 


*With the purchase of this air rifle, you can add a hill airgun barrel band for only 48.98   And a hill airgun 6 moderator to your order for only 139.98 :


For more information about this air rifle and if you would like it to be customized a certain way to meet your goals, click on the following link to email Tim:


If you prefer, I have a new Woodstock that I will sell with this air rifle, instead of the synthetic stock, for 28.98 more.  527.96 total.


Includes:  1- .22 Marauder Rifle with synthetic stock and the above listed items, set the air rifle’s tune, PayPal fees, and fast USPS Priority Mail shipping, within the USA. Check your state and local laws prior to ordering.

Price: $498.98