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hill airgun .177 Value Regulated Matched Parts Kit installed into a new Marauder Rifle that has the factory Lothar – Walther barrel, picatinny breech, and synthetic stock.  For more information about the kit, click on this link:


Get the Best Right From the Start


No Extra Charges to pay for Shipping or Labor.




+  Great for field target competition, pest control, plinking, etc..

+  More power than a factory regulated rifle.

+  Weights less than a factory regulated rifle.

+  Extremely accurate combination.



A  BEST CHOICE  for quiet backyard shooting.


Lots of shots per fill.  Click on the following link to view an example tune:


Other tunes are available:  Let me know if you would rather have even more shots per fill at a lower power level.


Includes:  1- .177 caliber Marauder Rifle w/Lothar – Walter barrel, synthetic stock, and picatinny breech, 1- 10 shot magazine, 1- hill airgun .177 value regulated matched parts kit, clean the barrel, adjust the trigger, set the tune, PayPal fees, and shipping cost. 

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Price: $859.98