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+  hill .107 I.D. transfer port.

+  Precision CNC machined from a solid piece of 7075 aluminum, then anodized blue.

+  For less velocity differences throughout the entire fill – for better accuracy.

+  Includes a new replacement gasket.

+   For custom projects, the inside diameter can be opened to any size up to about .130 – for the best precision, it’s best to perform this operation using a lathe.

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Click on the following links to add a hill hammer spring to your order:

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Examples:  Want to shoot more and fill less ?  You decide which is best for your needs:

Stock;  Would you rather have a little more maximum power, but with less shots per fill

Stock – Plus the hill transfer port and hill 45 hammer spring installed;  Or would you rather have more than double, the amount of shots per fill with a little less power.

Click on the following link for a factory tune – chart of a new “out of the box”  .22 caliber Discovery rifle. Then the same rifle but with the hill 107 transfer port and a hill 45 hammer spring installed. Both tunes were shot using unweighed 14.3 grain Crosman PD pellets

Click in the following link for a tune with the same rifle with the hill 107 TP and hill 45 HS installed, but this time shooting unweighed GTO pellets:


Excellent choice for target shooting or small pest elimination.



Package includes: 1- .107 i.d. transfer port, 1- TP gasket, paypal fees, and shipping within the USA

Price: $9.98