Nova-Liberty .22 caliber pcp Rifle – Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping




Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping.  

Ships within 1- business day.


Nova – Liberty in .22 caliber.

+ Never filled past 3100 psi.  

+ Pressure tube has never been opened up.  

+ Side cocking lever.  

+ Regulated.

+ Adjustable sights.

+ No air leaks. 


Very Accurate air rifle.  

Gets lots of shots per fill.

Shoots 14.3 grain pellets at around 860 feet per second.



Includes:  1-  .22 caliber Nova-Liberty Rifle model; ATIZNP900S22, HP-900S, 1- 10 shot magazine, 1- factory fill probe and USPS Priority Mail Shipping –within the USA only.