Lothar-Walter Match barrel


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.177 caliber barrels are in stock and are ready to ship.


.22 caliber barrels are Temporarily Out of Stock




20″ long Lothar-Walter Match barrel for Your .177 or .22 caliber Benjamin Marauder rifle, Armada rifle, Semi Automatic Rifle or Field and Target rifle.

Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping.   Ships within 1- business day.


No machining of the barrel is needed.

Fully prepped and ready to install.  

Your choice of .177 or .22 caliber.

Includes a new barrel o-ring.


Just install the new barrel and start shooting.


I have these LW barrels in all of my .177 and .22 caliber Marauder Rifles and I have the .22 LW barrel in my Marauder Pistol. Very Accurate.