hill airgun Rifle valve assembly


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Made and Assembled in the USA  🙂


For ALL  Calibers :

+ Benjamin Marauder Rifles gen 1 or gen 2.

+ Benjamin Field and Target Rifles.

+ Benjamin Armada Rifles.

Some of the features of the hill airgun valve assembly include:
+  The valve body and cap are precision CNC machined from a solid piece of durable 7075 aluminum.
+  Proprietary valve seat design – prevents air leaks – allows for long valve life.
+  The valve body and valve end cap both have a large internal-plenum volume. 
+  Works with the factory or hill airgun transfer ports.
+  Can be used in an otherwise stock airgun, or can be used to help create the ideal tune.
+  Best aftermarket valve assembly available, for regulated or unregulated applications.
+  Time tested, durable, and built to last.  
+  No missed shots:  No internal o-rings that hang up, break, leak air, or create negative issues, and no expensive parts to have to replace.

+  Quick and easy to set your airguns tune.


*Excellent Power Upgrade for your .22 caliber factory regulated Marauder Field and Target Rifle.  You can shoot 18 grain pellets at over 900 fps, after installing this valve assembly.

  Best Efficiency – Best Quality – Best Value – Trouble Free Operation