hill airgun Premium Shroud -moderator with hill airgun Barrel Band for Benjamin Marauder Air Rifles


Availability: Only 1 left in stock

For Benjamin Marauder air rifles -only.

Models: BP2563, BP2564, BP2263, BP2264, BP1763, BP1764.


+  For .177, .22 and 25 calibers.

+  Accuracy.

+ Quiet Shooting


Easy to install:

Remove your airguns barrel band and shroud.

Install the hill airgun barrel band. Install the hill airgun Premium Shroud.


*Will Not Fit Armada bolt action air rifles, Field and Target Air Rifles, etc..


Includes: 1- hill airgun Premium Shroud -moderator, 1- hill airgun Barrel Band, 1- 5/64″ set screw wrench, instructions, PayPal fees and shipping.


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