New Gen 2 pressure tube and hill airgun Rifle Kit is already installed


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For Gen 2 .177, .22 or .25 caliber Marauder Rifles and Armada Rifles.


New Gen 2 pressure tube and the hill airgun Rifle kit is already installed.

The sharp edge is already removed from the gauge opening in the pressure tube and hill silicone was applied to the inside of the tube and to the o-rings during the installation of the parts.


Easy to install:  Just transfer over the remaining parts from your current Benjamin Marauder Rifle or Armada Rifle.


Includes: hill airgun Rifle Kit (hill airgun complete valve assembly with 7 valve spring, hill hammer, hill gauge port, hill 262 hammer spring, new o-rings, hill HFTP,) new pressure tube, 3- valve assembly retaining screws, 1- hammer bolt screw, PayPal fees and shipping.