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hill airgun moderators for Benjamin PCP air Rifles


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Made and Assembled in the USA¬† ūüôā

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hill airgun Original flow through design for the Best accuracy and the Best sound reduction


The hill airgun Premium Shroud and the hill airgun Longer Shroud With More Baffles are for .177, .22 and .25 calibers and will fit any:

Marauder Rifle.

Armada Rifle.

Field and Target Rifle.

Marauder Semi Auto Rifle.



*Check out these listings for the Cayden and all airguns that use a 1/2-20 thread:  https://hillairgun.com/product/hill-airgun-5-5-moderator-with-1-2-20-unf-threads/ and: https://hillairgun.com/product/hill-airgun-6-moderator-1-2-20-unf-threads/

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The hill airgun 6 or hill airgun 8 moderators install directly onto your air Rifle’s shroud. No need to spend extra money on an adapter. No adapter related worries like misalignment issues, inaccuracies, or adding unnecessary extra weight and length to your airgun.  


+  The body and end caps are precision CNC machined from aluminum and are anodized.

+  The end caps are threaded for quick and easy disassembly.
+  No metal ping sound or ringing sound, like with some other brands.
Your choice of size: 
hill airgun 6 moderator is 1-3/8″ o.d. x 6″ long. Only weights 4.7 ounces.
hill airgun 8 moderator is 1-3/8″ o.d. x 8″ long. Only weights 5.7 ounces.
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Premium shroud
+  Marauder Rifle and Armada Rifle:  Includes a hill 8 moderator, hill airgun 19-7/8″ long shroud tube, 2- hill airgun baffles and 1- hill airgun spring.
+  Field and Target Rifle and Semi Automatic Rifle: Includes a hill 8 moderator, hill airgun 22″ long shroud tube, 4- hill airgun baffles and 1- hill airgun spring
Easy to install:  Remove / unthread the factory shroud and thread on the new hill airgun Premium Shroud.
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hill airgun longer shroud with more baffles.
For all calibers up to .25 :  
Marauder Rifles.
Armada Rifles.
Field and Target Rifles.
Armada Semi Automatic Rifles.
Marauder Semi Automatic Rifles.



+  Designed to allow for a quieter discharge sound from your air rifle.
+  Customer reports of tighter groupings / better accuracy.
+  More within the rifle’s stock lines.
+  Not muzzle heavy like when adding a separate moderator and less overall length. 
Some of the features include:
+¬† The shroud tube is one continuous tube ‚Äď for the best accuracy.

+  Precision made from 6061 T6 aluminum, using CNC machinery.
+¬† Anodized after the machining process, on the outside and on the inside ‚Äď including the threads.
+  The finish will not flake off.
+  Length is 27-1/4″ Long  ( a stock shroud is 23.5″ Long ).
+  The 12- baffles and 1- spring are removable. 

Best Quality

Great Price

Easy to install : Make Certain the Airgun is Unloaded.

+  Remove the rifles existing shroud.
+  Thread on the new longer shroud with more baffles ( the baffles and spring are already installed inside the shroud ).
+ ¬†Install the shroud end cap from the old shroud onto the new shroud then start shooting ūüôā ¬†

*For the best accuracy from day to day, add a hill airgun barrel band to your order  *Due to the stock design, will not fit the old model Benjamin Armada Rifles.


If you have any questions, click on “Contact Tim”.
For airgun use only