hill airgun 7716 moderator


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For airguns with an exposed barrel. Crosman custom 1377, 1322, Benjamin Maximus, Beeman and many other air guns.

Easy to install.    Will not damage the airguns barrel.
+  7″ long and fit’s onto airgun barrel’s that have a  7/16″ o.d..
+  The mount and tube spacer (air stripper) require an unobstructed barrel length – extending out from the airgun of at least  1-1/4″  or longer – to allow for proper installation.
+  The 7″ long tube, mount, and end cap are all CNC machined from Aluminum (not plastic), are threaded for easy disassembly, and are anodized.
+  Mounts onto the barrel using  3- small screws that have barrel protectors – to prevent scratches.  For a cleaner look, these screws are not exposed, but are hidden on the inside of the tube.
+  Using both the mount and the tube spacer ( air stripper ) together, provides for a rigid mount and the best accuracy.
+  For .177, 20, and .22 calibers.
+  The 5- baffles, and 1- spring are removable.
+  Very light, only weights 2.7 ounces.
+  The air fill cap on the airgun is removable without needing to remove the moderator.
Greatly Reduces the Airguns Discharge Sound
Highest Quality – Looks Great
For air gun use only